I’ve recently set up this web site to promote my first CD release that I’ve been working on for a year or so, as well as keep up with my fan base.  As soon as it’s released, I’ll add a link to the site so that it can be purchased for your listening enjoyment.  There are thirteen tracks on the CD that range, style wise, from jazz to techno to progressive/alternative rock.  There’s even a piece I composed and titled, “The Bach” that is a two part invention similar to one of those (but not nearly as superb) written by the master himself.  

There are no lyrics on the CD; it’s an entirely instrumental project. As for the credits for other studio musicians, there are none since this is a project completed solely by myself. The title is “Urban Connections.”

Please leave your email or a comment if you would like me to send an update with the release date. When the official release comes out, it may be showing up with samples at this url: http://www.createspace.com

Most of the album/CD art has an abstract look and feel to it.  Here’s what I’m using for the inside card that will be placed behind the disc on the inside:

From the soon to be released CD titled "Urban Connections."

From the soon to be released CD titled "Urban Connections."

Equipment used is listed inside the CD booklet as follows:

Mr. Lupinacci uses a variety of equipment for his various recordings.

Guitars: Steinberger, PRS
Bass Guitars: Various G&L. Also, Musicman Stingray, and a gutted no-name bass in which he swapped out the electronics and replaced them with Seymour Duncan Basslines—it’s the best sounding bass of the bunch!
Octave Mandolin: Fender
Electronic Drums: Various Roland
Keyboard Synthesizers: Dave Smith Poly Evolver, Vintage Sequential Circuits Six-Trak.
Various Line 6 pedals and effects boxes
Cakewalk Sonar 5 recording software
M-Audio Project mix I/O 8 track control surface