June 2009

Through an arrangement with the owner of XRQK FM radio in the greater Los Angeles area, selected tracks from the Urban Connections CD are playing on their station as well as affiliate stations. Alvaro wants to thank the owner for the opportunity to spread his music to a wider audience–an audience that may appreciate his unique sound which has elements of many music styles such as rock/jazz/ambient and techno.

Several years ago, Alvaro studied with an excellent jazz bassist in Arizona by the name of Brian Kramer. Students of bass guitar shouldn’t limit their study to one style or another, but jazz study will certainly open their ears (and eyes) to a much larger range of harmony and musical depth. Listen for the jazz-influenced riffs and two-part melodies present on the Urban Connections CD.

The entire CD was created and recorded by Mr. Lupinacci–every track! There are no back up artists on the Urban Connections CD.  The drums, electric bass guitar, electric guitar, synthesizer, and mandolin were all a solo performance.

Al’s engineering background and computer knowledge helped with the digital studio setup and aided in learning about the world of multi-track recording.

But without the help of radio stations giving airplay to artists, it would all be a self-indulgent dance with oneself!

Thanks radio XRQK FM!

Please bear with us, we’re in the process of updating the look and feel of the web site too keep up with demand…Mr. Lupinacci is getting sick to his stomach with the current page theme sporting the light baby blue background!  He says it doesn’t look very macho.  And he’s a macho man.

The designers…

One thing that really bothers me is the difficulty maintaining guitars that use floating bridges rather than fixed bridges. It’s really simple: depending on the type of strings used (light, medium, heavy) the bridge system may not balance out to allow the player full range of note bending–either up or down (sharp or flat). 

The problem is that lighter gauge strings pull the bridge toward the nut with lower force than heavy gauge strings.  Depending on the pulling force in the opposite direction provided by the springs behind the bridge, the bridge may be tilted way forward (strings provide more pull toward the neck).  This means that the player can’t hit a note and then make it go lower by pushing forward on the tremolo arm, more commonly known as “dive bombing,” because the distance is limited since the bridge is already in the front position. Similarly, if the strings pull more toward the back of the guitar, the player will be unable to hit a note and then raise the pitch because there’s not enough travel left.

My PRS guitars don’t have as much range pitch-wise compared to my Steinbergers.  And the bridges are very different…In the last song on my Urban Connections CD titled “Holdshalen,” I did a lot of pitch bending that my PRS guitar just could not physically be capable of doing.  I’m not sure if the clip at amazon.com has the ending part of the song with all that wacky guitar playing, but that part was actually a first take recording that would be difficult to reproduce if a person were not using a trem system that allowed more range of motion.

Go to Amazon.com and search for lupinacci to check out some samples of the new CD. Let me know how you like it.

Note: amazon and/or createspace had been removing these, so I’ve decided to remove them as well. Please read more recent updates to find where to sample and purchase the CD or individual tracks. Thanks! (7/11/09)

These are the latest samples from the CD over at Createspace.com. Eventually, I’ll have the CD up on amazon.com and will update the blog when that happens.

Desert Dreams

Desert Whispers

Desert Rock

The Village

Desert Jazz



The Bach

Here’s the link for an mp3 of the main track on theUrban Connections CD by Alvaro Lupinacci. 

https://www.createspace.com/Preview/ <—Looks like amazon has moved some of these better qualilty samples, please go to amazon and search for “Alvaro Lupinacci” to hear their crappy 30 second samples…sorry..

You can leave feedback there or here. Much of the other selections on the CD are quite different from this track, and additional mp3 pieces will be uploaded in the next few days– Enjoy!

The CD has been released and can be purchased at the Createspace.com web site below:


The CD will also be available on Amazon.com in two weeks.  I was listening to it this afternoon, and the reproduction quality on the CD sounds very close to the way I mixed everything in my digital studio.  It’s not perfect, but since human beings are not perfect how can we expect anything created by human beings to be perfect? 

I also think the CD artwork looks great! But I’m biased because I designed it.

If you purchase the CD, please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Outside CD Image Back and Sides

Outside CD Image Back and Sides