I’m currently working on many projects and have completed too many to have time to post the details up here.  I’ll TRY to find time to post those in the PROJECTS section soon. I’ve completed a G&L L-1000 bass that came out beautifully. Another completed project was a 1970s Gibson L6, black. And I’ve currently got another Gibson L6, tobacco sunburst that I’m restoring near to original with an original circuit found on Ebay. I like the custom model with the six way rotary switch designed by Bill Lawrence(http://www.billlawrenceusa.com) , although it seems that I’m in the minority with that liking. I just don’t understand why some “ruin” these fine instruments by trying to turn them into Gibson Les Pauls. I just don’t get it.  

And I’m also working on a really nice 1978 Ibanez AR-2618. It’s a nice guitar but someone really messed it up. They removed the original hardware and used rubber cement to glue in the posts for a different bridge and stop bar tailpiece.  Rubber cement?  Come on! The binding had some type of chemical reaction to something is appears.  It literally crumbled into pieces. I’ve removed it, and all I’m waiting for the binding material from www.stewmac.com to arrive.

I also renewed distribution of my Urban Connection CD on many services as follows:

MySpace Music
Google Play
Muve Music
Sony Music Unlimited