G&L guitar projects

Too many things going on…but I got “sidetracked” and recorded this the other day…

Vocals, where ARE the vocals? I “hate” vocals…but who knows, I may try to add a vocal track sometime…enjoy!

This is my version of a great Jimmy Hendrix tune: “Foxy Lady!” The guitar used is one of my project guitars that I’ve been putting together: The neck pickup is a vintage G&L G-200 pickup, and the bridge pickup is from a vintage F-100. The sound is pretty hot and distorted in this recording, but these pickups also have the ability to get very clean sounds as well…


Both the neck and bridge pickups were purchased from EBay through a trusted seller, so it’s not his fault. But basically, using my trusty Kobalt Brand digital caliper, it was discovered that the outside pole to pole distance on both of these vintage pickups are the same…precise to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter. The caliper tool shows this to be 55.50mm for both bridge and neck pickups…


Added a short update to the Projects section https://alvarolupinacci.com/projects/ about a G&L Guitar project currently being worked on–ignoring the plethora of others simultaneously in progress as well!

Here’s what the guitar sounds like so far:


This audio file is very large–about 34Megabytes. The first section is just playing around with cleaner sounds, but the second section drives the amp in order to get a feel for the way the pickups behave with a stronger signal output.

Note that all of these are improvised “off the top of my head” simply to determine whether or not the project should go forward to completion.