I can only wish that there were more people in this world like Bill Lawrence–regardless of their background or occupation! I’ve been reading so much bullshit around the Internet (that I thought was true) in my knowledge quest toward learning more about the many aspects associated with acoustic and electric instruments.

I was aware of the basics–having studied engineering and all that…but until I recently began reading some of the very short and concise writings by Mr. Lawrence posted on his personal web site, I was beginning to think that the electromagnetic aspect of guitars was only known by human beings who Spock (Star Trek nerd alert!) had mind-melded with for the informational download of content and wisdom!

Here’s just one example:

“In 1959 — when I had the idea of replacement pickups — I had a clear vision for a small, non-confusing assortment of pickups – to meet the increasing demands of many players for a richer, fuller tone and a close to zero noise level. Many adopted my idea of replacement pickups, and by 1980, it had developed into a pickup circus!

Countless, different variations of the two basic pickup models are available, promising all kinds of sound and output with the most beautiful advertising slogans, like “special, hand scatterwound with aged magnets and an output of 5.9 kilo ohms to give you an authentic vintage sound. I promise, you will NEVER find such unbelievable nonsense in my writings!

I still follow my original idea and offer a small assortment of pickups to enhance the performance of your guitar, at realistic and affordable prices – made in our workshop in Corona, California.”
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