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Got a nice new pedal and trying to get it adjusted correctly.  It’s by TC Electronics–called MIMIQ.  I doubles your input to sound like up to three guitars simultaneously. I kick it in the lead guitar parts…it has a doubling effect…the way I have it set.  Listen closely to hear as the original Boston song (Peace of Mind) from their first album to sound like two guitars playing in dual.  Pretty neat pedal!

This is a ShredMeister Alert!

Many “old-school” musicians–as well as those who don’t play an instrument but simply enjoy listening to music, disdain modern day Shredders…and I somewhat agree when the technique is void of traditional considerations for melodic and harmonic aspects. Read as: atonal, dark, dissonant.

But to me, Page/Hendrix were two of the “fathers” of the shredding technique. Did I miss any? They were also a little before I found an interest in all things musical, and Halen took it to the next level.

Although I haven’t been to a Van Halen concert for years, it appears that, according to sources, EVH has gotten it back after finally finding a balance of booze and other vices that we all have the potential to over consume.

I’m not intending to engage in one of those “Who is THE fastest guitar picker in the west” arguments. I know, there are others such as Satriani, Vai…did I miss any? Sorry…

So, if you have a few minutes, please turn on some good quality speakers then click the YouTube link below.

Scroll ahead in the concert to 1:31:30 for a master shredder in action! (Yes, there are a few mistakes–big whoopdy doooo…perfection is for robots!)

Well, what about Rap?

I’ve been too busy for updates on my various projects, but I was recently doing some research into material types used in musical instrument construction. In the process, I found an interesting site by a musician who resides in Montreal, Canada. His name is Michael Murray. I hope he doesn’t mind my referral directing some traffic across the Cyber Highway to his site.


Added a short update to the Projects section about a G&L Guitar project currently being worked on–ignoring the plethora of others simultaneously in progress as well!

Here’s what the guitar sounds like so far:

This audio file is very large–about 34Megabytes. The first section is just playing around with cleaner sounds, but the second section drives the amp in order to get a feel for the way the pickups behave with a stronger signal output.

Note that all of these are improvised “off the top of my head” simply to determine whether or not the project should go forward to completion.


Hello everyone!

iTunes recently released Lupi’s new single titled “A New Earth.”  He’s still working on the material for his second CD release, and he hopes to have that out sometime this year.  But in the mean time, go and check out A New Earth on iTunes.

A New Earth on iTunes

A New Earth on iTunes

I’ve added a couple of new audio files to the Song Samples page. Enjoy, and have a happy new year!



The Urban Connections CD can be directly accessed by this link–> Alvaro Lupinacci