Radio Airplay

Added a short update to the Projects section about a G&L Guitar project currently being worked on–ignoring the plethora of others simultaneously in progress as well!

Here’s what the guitar sounds like so far:

This audio file is very large–about 34Megabytes. The first section is just playing around with cleaner sounds, but the second section drives the amp in order to get a feel for the way the pickups behave with a stronger signal output.

Note that all of these are improvised “off the top of my head” simply to determine whether or not the project should go forward to completion.


Through an arrangement with the owner of XRQK FM radio in the greater Los Angeles area, selected tracks from the Urban Connections CD are playing on their station as well as affiliate stations. Alvaro wants to thank the owner for the opportunity to spread his music to a wider audience–an audience that may appreciate his unique sound which has elements of many music styles such as rock/jazz/ambient and techno.

Several years ago, Alvaro studied with an excellent jazz bassist in Arizona by the name of Brian Kramer. Students of bass guitar shouldn’t limit their study to one style or another, but jazz study will certainly open their ears (and eyes) to a much larger range of harmony and musical depth. Listen for the jazz-influenced riffs and two-part melodies present on the Urban Connections CD.

The entire CD was created and recorded by Mr. Lupinacci–every track! There are no back up artists on the Urban Connections CD.  The drums, electric bass guitar, electric guitar, synthesizer, and mandolin were all a solo performance.

Al’s engineering background and computer knowledge helped with the digital studio setup and aided in learning about the world of multi-track recording.

But without the help of radio stations giving airplay to artists, it would all be a self-indulgent dance with oneself!

Thanks radio XRQK FM!