The widget below plays streaming audio for all thirteen tracks found on the Urban Connections CD. The sound quality is limited by the type of computer speakers your system uses for audio.  Look toward the bottom of this page for bits and pieces of things I’ve put together recently that are not on the CD–working toward things for a second CD release sometime this year (2011)…As far as the first track on this CD, it sounds very “electronic” or ambient with the intro synth (that’s a Dave Smith Polyevolver), but there are some interesting guitar parts in the middle and end of that first track as well as on other tracks from the CD. Look at this page every now and then since I’ll add recording bits and pieces sometimes.  They can be downloaded by right clicking on the file.

Update…Working on Widget plug in 5-18-11 and hope to have the junk code below fixed soon.

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The physical CD can be purchased at the artist store found here:

For digital downloads, try any of the following distributors:

Alvaro Lupinacci

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Here’s one called Jeannie Redux.   I think a fretless bass would sound interesting for the “trombone” parts.  I dream of Jeannie was always a cool tune to me, and this is not exactly that well known song but my take on it–it’s an updated version! Right click on it to download.


Adding this one on 9/13/10.  I’m calling it “Burn it!” in light of the recent events about people burning korans and bibles like one gigantic pissing contest to see who can burn the most “holy” books and cross the finish line–disgusting!!!


4 Responses to “Song Samples”

  1. Charley Powell (Big C) Says:

    Hey man, sounds pretty good. Just thought I’d let you know I dropped by and checked out your site. Talk to ya later.

  2. Dee Says:

    I can’t remeber the first song but my daughter is still dancing to this one. I likeUrban Connections and the Village (my favorites). Really great work with the site and all that’s included. I will dfinately share the links.

    1. Well, thank you so much for that comment! I’m working on a bunch of projects, both musically and restoring a few vintage instruments. I’ll get those up here as soon as I can. Take care!

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