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The last post on this blog was nearly a year ago–busy, busy! A new page has been added and is being updated as time permits. It’s a projects page showing some of the various projects Lupi has been working on over the last year or so.


Hello everyone!

iTunes recently released Lupi’s new single titled “A New Earth.”  He’s still working on the material for his second CD release, and he hopes to have that out sometime this year.  But in the mean time, go and check out A New Earth on iTunes.

A New Earth on iTunes

A New Earth on iTunes

I’ve added yet another instrumental meandering jazz improv to the Song Samples tab. It’s titled “JazzImprovAgain.mp3.” Check it out! It’s here:

I’ve added a couple of new audio files to the Song Samples page. Enjoy, and have a happy new year!



The Urban Connections CD can be directly accessed by this link–> Alvaro Lupinacci

The streaming audio widget for the CD by Alvaro Lupinacci: Urban Connections has been moved to the audio samples page on this site.  It can be found here:

The distributors have also finished posting the digital and physical media versions of the CD around the internet. Check the link above for those as well.

           I recently signed up for a music service that some people consider a “pay for play” service.  While that may be somewhat true since Internet airplay is purchased up front in order to have your music heard, I don’t consider it a negative as some recording artists do. To me, an artist must have some way to get their music heard, and this is one of the many ways to do that.  It’s not necessary to ride your bike, skateboard, motor-scooter, or automobile (almost forgot about the great train transportation in countries like Japan) down to the local CD outlet to shop.  Just check it out on the Internet and then if you like it, download the digital version or purchase the entire CD to be sent to your doorstep. Just make certain you keep in mind that you need to get your exercise somewhere in there. Otherwise, we’ll have a more unhealthy and obese population who neglect physical fitness—very important!

            Before the digital revolution and on-line music distribution, recording artists were stuck with getting a record contract with large “profit-sharing” record corporations to advance money used for advertising dollars. It’s really the same thing with services such as Jango. Money must be set aside in order to get your music heard.  If the music finds an audience with an ear for your type of music, they find your CD or individual songs on one of the many Internet music distribution outlets such as, iTunes (there are a few:  iTunes Australia/N.Z., iTunes Canada, iTunes UK/European Union, iTunes Japan), Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, IMVU, Amazon MP3, Lala, Shockhound, Amie Street, LimeWire Store. 

            Digital forms of the Alvaro Lupinacci: Urban Connections  CD can already be downloaded from, and it will show up on these other outlets shortly…and since I’ve signed up with Jango, I already have a growing number of fans from around the world! What’s really cool is that I can actually see where my fans and people who like my music live on the planet–Way too cool! I can even chat with them…language is the only barrier.  One of my newest fans is from the country of Thailand… Has anyone created the universal translator yet?  

Thanks everyone!

iTunes U.S. (

iTunes Australia (

iTunes N.Z. (

iTunes Canada (

iTunes UK/European Union (

iTunes Japan (

Other Stores:


EMusic (




Shockhound (

Amie Street (

LimeWire Store

Icons for music distributions

Icons for music distributions

Through an arrangement with the owner of XRQK FM radio in the greater Los Angeles area, selected tracks from the Urban Connections CD are playing on their station as well as affiliate stations. Alvaro wants to thank the owner for the opportunity to spread his music to a wider audience–an audience that may appreciate his unique sound which has elements of many music styles such as rock/jazz/ambient and techno.

Several years ago, Alvaro studied with an excellent jazz bassist in Arizona by the name of Brian Kramer. Students of bass guitar shouldn’t limit their study to one style or another, but jazz study will certainly open their ears (and eyes) to a much larger range of harmony and musical depth. Listen for the jazz-influenced riffs and two-part melodies present on the Urban Connections CD.

The entire CD was created and recorded by Mr. Lupinacci–every track! There are no back up artists on the Urban Connections CD.  The drums, electric bass guitar, electric guitar, synthesizer, and mandolin were all a solo performance.

Al’s engineering background and computer knowledge helped with the digital studio setup and aided in learning about the world of multi-track recording.

But without the help of radio stations giving airplay to artists, it would all be a self-indulgent dance with oneself!

Thanks radio XRQK FM!

Go to and search for lupinacci to check out some samples of the new CD. Let me know how you like it.